Culture-Specific Coaching

Culture-Specific Coaching is a customized program for organizations or individuals looking for straightforward information on how to best interact with individuals from different cultures. This information is delivered through highly qualified coaches who have firsthand knowledge and experience living in those cultures.

Canadian companies that will be expanding overseas operations or welcoming foreign trained employees to Canada will find this program to be an invaluable tool that will ensure the proper and smooth integration of new employees. Possessing the cultural intelligence to deal with a variety of cultural backgrounds while managing a project or recruiting new team members is indispensable.

In this interactive program, the client selects the specific culture they want to explore and they will be matched with a coach from that particular culture who will deliver the customized content to address the client's specific needs.

We have coaches from a wide range of countries and cultures who are able to provide the sort of unrestricted information and insight into their societies and customs that cannot be found elsewhere.

Whether you have one single question or you want to gain a better understanding of a culture at large, CISOC will deliver the most effective coaching sessions to help you better understand the cultural dynamics from a dual perspective.

How It Works

To inquire about the cost of this service, please contact us.

To request this service, please fill out the online request form and select from the content list the items or questions you want to cover during your sessions.

Once we receive your request we will contact you to discuss the details for the service.

Content List

The content list is divided into general topics and sub-topics that will help you define what issues you would like your coach to discuss with you.

Each topic has a list of sub-topics from which clients can select the items which are most relevant to their needs. For example, from the main menu "Travelling" you might want to know about the sub- topic "Public transportation" (in rural areas, or in urban centers).

As every culture is different, topics which, in one culture, may only take a few minutes to explain might, in another, require significantly more time.

Clients are advised to limit the number of topics they choose according to number of hours of coaching they wish to receive. As a general guideline, clients should schedule a maximum of four sub-topics per hour of study. A culture-specific coach will revise your request to provide you with a more accurate time estimate for the selected topics on that particular culture.

Your designated coach will be ready to provide you with the essential information on the topics you have selected and to answer any questions related to those topics. This way you will receive the most cost effective and time efficient coaching.

We strongly advise clients to carry out their own background research before selecting their topics of interest to maximize the use of the face-to-face time with the designated coach.

This is a unique opportunity to talk one-on-one with a coach from the culture you wish to learn more about. The more knowledge you bring to the coaching sessions, the more you will get from them.

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