In 1994, at the request of Ontario's Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation, CISOC developed the Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool (CILISAT) in order to evaluate the language and interpretation proficiencies of people applying for certification as community interpreters.

The CILISAT offers recruiters and service providers a snapshot of an individual's current ability in consecutive interpreting and sight translating in any of 44 languages and dialects. CISOC manages and administers CILISAT certification in these 44 languages throughout Canada.


The CILISAT will assess your language and interpretation skills through the following tests:

  • Interpretation from English into selected CILISAT language
  • Interpretation from selected CILISAT language into English
  • Sight translation from English into selected CILISAT language
  • Sight translation from selected CILISAT language into English

To achieve certification, you must score 75% or better. All tests are marked by independent markers.

Guide To The CILISAT Test

For more information about the CILISAT test, please see the attached document: CILISAT Guide.

Testing Centres

To find the nearest CILISAT testing centre, please click: Testing Centres.

How to Become a Testing Centre

If you would like to become a testing centre, please contact us.

CILISAT Languages

CISOC oversees interpreter testing and certification in the following languages:

Preparation Guide For Candidates

To assist you with your CILISAT language assessment test, we recommend you review the attached document: CILISAT Exam Preparation Guide.

These forms are in PDF format and can be downloaded to and then printed from your computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this free software installed on your computer, click here. Once installed, it can be used to read many documents throughout the Web.

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