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Medical Knowledge and Terminology Certification Training

This online training course is for individuals who wish to gain certification in Medical Knowledge and Terminology. Potential candidates may include (but are not limited to): interpreters; translators; non-medical hospital and community health centre staff; medical insurance providers; and individuals who work as a liaison between medical professionals and the general public. This online course is the best solution for those who are looking to upgrade or refresh their skills without disrupting their day-to-day lives. The course is based on 186 hours of independent study and includes learning materials, quizzes, diagrams, and audio-based pronunciation guides.

What the Course Includes

  • Unit One: Medical Terminology
  • Unit Two: Body Systems
  • Unit Three: Medical Specialities, Signs and Symptoms of Disease, and Diagnostic Testing
  • Unit Four: Body Fluids, Blood, Lymphatics, and Immunity
  • Unit Five: The Cardiovascular System
  • Unit Six:The Respiratory System
  • Unit Seven: The Gastrointestinal System
  • Unit Eight: The Endocrine System
  • Unit Nine: The Integumentary System
  • Unit Ten: The Musculoskeletal System
  • Unit Eleven: Neurology and Mental Health
  • Unit Twelve: The Male Reproductive System
  • Unit Thirteen: The Female Reproductive System
  • Unit Fourteen: The Urinary System
  • Unit Fifteen: The Eyes, Ears, and Senses
  • Unit Sixteen: Cancer
  • Unit Seventeen: Pediatric Medicine

The Curriculum

The objective of this course is to help students understand the basics of medical terminology and body systems. The course workbook is divided into 17 units. Unit One introduces students to the mechanics of combining word parts to form medical terms. Units Two through Seventeen provide information on the anatomy and physiology of body systems and on the diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies.

This manual was developed by Cultural Interpretation Services for our Communities (CISOC). It is based on an established curriculum that was originally designed for CISOC community interpreters who work in medical environments. The training has been offered by CISOC since 2008. To date, more than 200 community interpreters have taken the course. The certification program has been made available to anyone who needs to upgrade or refresh their medical knowledge and terminology skills.

Each unit contains a printable chart of word parts, their meanings, and samples of their uses. The word parts in these charts form the foundation of the final examination. Units begin with an overview of their content, a list of learning objectives, and the key concepts to be covered. In addition to presenting learning content, each unit (except Units One and Sixteen) provides graphics to aid in the learning process. At the end of each unit* there are a variety of quizzes that allow the learner to self-monitor his or her progress. Finally, each section contains a glossary of supplementary terms and concepts that are used in medical settings.

This course is not interactive. While it contains quizzes and written exercises with accompanying answer keys, quizzes are tools to help individuals examine their progress and will not be graded by CISOC. It is the learner's responsibility to self-monitor progress. However, you may contact our training department at any time should you have questions or concerns about the content you are studying.

In order to ensure a complete understanding of the medical terms presented, we have included an audio aid (Audio Image) for certain words that may be difficult to say or to understand when heard – if you click on these words, your audio will provide you with their correct pronunciation.


To obtain CISOC certification in Medical Knowledge and Terminology, you must achieve a successful score of 70% or better in our two-hour online examination. The test items correspond directly to the subject matter contained in the course. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

If you do not pass the examination, you may purchase additional exam vouchers.

Information Guide

To assist you with your decision to purchase the workbook, we recommend that you review the Guide to the Online Medical Knowledge and Terminology CISOC-Certification Program.

Sample Workbook

To view a sample of the Medical Knowledge and Terminology course, please see the Sample Workbook. Please note that audio elements have been disabled. The samples provided are brief pieces taken from different units. They do not represent the full scope or depth of the complete workbook and are offered for evaluation purposes only.

For more industry-specific information, please click on one of the following options that best describes who you are and where you work:

If you do not fall under one of the above categories but need more information, please contact us.

(*)The quizzes in Unit One are embedded throughout the section's course material. The quizzes in other units are provided at the end of each section.


Online Workbook and Test: C$355.00 plus taxes.

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