Translation Services

CISOC offers full translation services in over 45 languages using highly qualified translators who are carefully tested for their translation, editing, and proof-reading skills. Our linguists are also screened for their technical knowledge and subject matter expertise. Many of our linguists are scientists, engineers, legal and medical experts who are fully capable of translating difficult texts to precise specifications.

What We Translate

Whether you are looking to translate a personal letter or an entire website, we have the resources to meet your needs.

We provide translations in a variety of subjects for diverse audiences. Click on the items below for more details.

Translation Process

For translations to be linguistically and culturally accurate, translators must have excellent knowledge of the grammar, syntax, semantics, idioms and cultures of both source and target languages. At CISOC, only the most skilled translators are assigned to your project. Our multi-step process ensures the highest quality translations:

  1. Review document for scope and complexity
  2. Assign appropriate translator
  3. First edition translation
  4. Second party edit
  1. Revise translation with edit changes
  2. Format
  3. Proofread


A well-translated text conveys its message by using terms and cultural references that reflect the uniqueness of its target audience. As a group, our bi-cultural linguists are expert in the dialects, colloquialisms and cultural nuances of more than 60 world cultures.

When you entrust your translation project to CISOC, you can be certain the result will reflect the dialectal and stylistic essence that one would expect from a text originally written in the target language.

Web Site Localization

CISOC has the linguistic, cultural and technical expertise to transform your web site into a multilingual, multicultural promotional tool.

Whether you are looking for a straightforward translation or a culturally-adapted translation that is geared toward a specific audience, CISOC can meet your localization needs.

Languages Translated

CISOC's translators offer services in more than 45 world languages and dialects. Click on the languages below to learn more about each language's geographic distributions.

(*) Indicates languages where we have certified translators. To learn more about what certified means, click here.

Our translation capacity changes from time to time. Please give us a call to inquire about your language if it is not on this list.

Request an Estimate

To request an estimate, please call us at 613-237-0502 or complete the online request form.

Desktop Publishing

At your request, CISOC's graphics experts will convert your document into any major language. For more complex desk-top-publishing requirements, common software packages like QuarkXpress, Corel Draw, Adobe Page Maker Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand, etc., will give your final product a polished, professional look.

Because the fonts used in western typography re-size differently from the double-byte characters of other languages, additional changes may have to be made to a piece's layout, graphics and photos.

CISOC will provide you with print-and/or web-ready materials.

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